What if… you had the physical energy and mental vibrancy to accomplish your life’s goals with dedication and confidence …

What if... you were motivated to show up for yourself and create a Phase II of Life that is in alignment with how you envisioned it ...

What if… you improved your mental focus & agility, stressed less and felt more in control of how you responded to everyday life ... 

What if… you rediscovered your internal light and started feeling like yourself again ...

...without self-sabotage, and without feeling scattered, overwhelmed or out of control.


Here's how most people approach health in Phase II of Life:

**You start noticing that you’re not feeling your best (e.g., mental fog, memory slips, low energy, lack of motivation, poor sleep, bad eating habits, high stress, etc.). You don’t like feeling this way, and try to figure it out on your own. 

**You read article after article on brain health and healthy habits, but are unable to get clarity on how to implement real, lasting changes that fit into your specific lifestyle. 

**You have a vision of the life you want to live in Phase II, but don’t know how to get there. You feel discouraged and resigned.

**You’ve tried a lot of different strategies to get control of your life. You exercise and try to eat healthy, but still don’t feel your best. You aren’t sure what you’re doing wrong.

Having a vision for how you want to feel in the second phase of your life is exciting, but struggling to get there is frustrating and can feel very isolating. You want to feel vibrant and energized in Phase II of Life, but are unclear about the steps to take to get there...

But it DOES NOT have to be this way!


Hi! I'm Dr. Andrea Wilkinson, founder of the Brain Vitality Blueprint. I have a PhD in Psychology, with a specialization in Cognitive Aging. I have been researching brain fitness & cognitive maintenance for over 15 years.

As an expert in brain health and cognitive fitness, I know there is no one size fits all solution. You are unique and the path to optimizing the health of your brain and body is SPECIFIC TO YOU. So, I set off on a mission to create my signature methodology - the "Brain Vitality Blueprint,” which teaches you how to build your own, personalized health journey so you can show up as the best version of you in Phase II of your Life. 

I teach four key pillars of brain health: physical fitness, food & nutrition, socializing, and mental considerations (sleep, stress management & mental challenges). In the “Brain Vitality Blueprint,” I guide you through integrating these four fundamental components of brain health into your specific lifestyle using a personalized approach and tailored mindset work that is curated to work for you. 


I have found that my signature methodology works best for these two groups of people: 

Adults who are in Phase II of their life, but aren’t showing up for their life as they would like (e.g., tired, low motivation, stressed, overwhelmed, unfocused). They need help understanding - and putting into place - healthy lifestyle choice, and necessary mindset shifts, to show up like the best version of themselves.  

Adults who are in Phase II of their life and know what they should be doing to stay healthy, but are having trouble with execution. They are keen on become more mentally vibrant & physically energized, but need support to help them realize their goals.


I have a PhD in Psychology, with a specialization in Cognitive Aging.

I have been studying and researching brain fitness and cognitive maintenance for over 15 years. 

I understand the fundamentals of brain plasticity (your brain’s ability to change in response to your experiences & the environment) and teach behaviour change and habit formation using a research-based and systematic approach

​I teach four key pillars of brain health and equip you with tangible tools to help you implement these learnings into your everyday life.  

I support you with in-depth 1-on-1 interactions each week, with unlimited daily access to Dr. Andrea.

​I am 100% results-driven, you get lifetime access to the material AND support.


When you sign up to work with me, we’ll start off with a one-on-one phone call to talk about your goals, current struggles and health concerns. From there, we will develop a customized plan to move you through the following steps:

We take an inventory of your daily & weekly routines and habits, so that we can identify which ones are causing the most damage and draining your energy. We will create a replacement routine, so that you can optimize your health and start showing up as the best version of you.

Create a detailed vision of your second phase of life and identify the steps you need to take to get there. What do you want to do, be, and create? Identify mental blocks that are holding you back and rewire old belief systems so that you can show up in⁣ Phase II as the best version of you → empowered and confident.

You’ll learn the science behind physical movement and how it impacts your health. You’ll develop a personalized movement plan. Learn how to create your plate and implement a nutrient-dense eating plan that works with the natural rhythms of your body.

Learn how stress and sleep impact the function of your brain + body. We'll identify the unique stressors you encounter in your daily life and cover effective coping strategies. Learn how to increase your sleep drive and create a customized plan to help you get better, more consistent sleep.

Create your personalized brain fitness plan and get clear on the legacy you want to build. The question isn't if you're creating a legacy, the question is whether or not you're creating the legacy you want.


Linda (age 72)

“I was struggling with eating too much, drinking too much, had gained weight and was not sleeping well and had pretty low energy as a result. Covid 19 had curtailed a lot of activities and association with family and friends. I was concerned that my memory was not what it should be in that I did not seem to be retaining information very well.  

I happened to be watching a TV show called “The Zoomer” where there was a panel of 4 women who were discussing the effect of the pandemic on women. Dr. Wilkinson was one of the panellists. I like what I heard and looked up her website and thus found the Brain Vitality Blueprint (BvB). I liked what I saw and I felt after doing a bit more research that the BvB was a science-based program that would probably work for me.

I wondered about the 3 months [BvB duration] thinking that it was pretty long! (Turned out it wasn’t!)

I also wondered if I could stick with the program as I had signed up for other kinds of programs and had not finished. I am feeling so much better in that I am sleeping better, I have lost weight, I have an exercise routine that I can stick to.

I am more productive, I am eating better, I have a daily gratitude and journaling practice that has helped me focus and I have goals and objectives that work for me. I am happier and healthier than I have been in a long while.

[What would you say to someone who wants to invest in the Brain Vitality Blueprint, but is scared to take the leap?]

Just do this! The program is personalized to you and your issues. The weekly calls were wonderful to keep you on track and also to help problem solve. The results will speak for themselves. The program works but it does require some effort on your part but it is so worth it! Anything worth doing takes some effort in my humble opinion. This was a life changing (for the better) program for me and I highly recommend it to anyone.” 

- Linda


Christine (age 73)

The more I learned about the Brain Vitality Blueprint, the more I knew it was for me. Added to that, I found Dr. Andrea very approachable and helpful as a brain health coach. So I signed up, without reservations or doubts. This was for me.

I am grateful to have been able to do the 90 day Brain Vitality Blueprint course. It has helped me see that ageing doesn't have to co-relate with deterioration. There are things I can do to strengthen my brain function - even to help it grow and develop further. I have a great many new tools that I am able to implement in my daily life to slow that dreaded decline and look forward to remaining productive for longer.

That knowledge is exciting. It gives me optimism. Instead of gradually becoming less and less mentally able, I am looking forward to stretching myself, challenging myself to become more mentally alert, more able to tackle new experiences, more able to keep 'in touch', more able to write more novels.

I have already won back my mornings! I love having a healthy morning routine, including a morning walk outdoors, instead of lying in bed till midday, trying vainly to catch up on lost sleep.

I am sleeping better.

What would I say to anyone thinking about taking this course? Do it. You won’t regret it.

I have heaps more mental energy. My physical health and strength have improved through the increase in movement, which has also improved my mobility and flexibility. My vitality has soared. I feel alive again. 

This next phase of my life doesn't have to be frightening (which it was before I started the Brain Vitality Blueprint course). It doesn't have to be less.

It can be MORE.
It can be richer than ever.

- Christine


Sleep challenges are common in clients who work with Dr. Andrea inside the Brain Vitality Blueprint. Although fixing disrupted sleep patterns requires a substantial amount of time, it is possible with a set plan, and consistent & dedicated effort. 

The graph on the left shows substantial improvements in the duration of sleep (in hours) after working with Dr. Andrea for 3-months.


“At 59, I decided to move on from a rewarding yet hectic career to discover what Phase II of my life might have to offer.

Like any traveller setting off on a new journey, there was uncertainty and a certain amount of fear of the unknown mixed in with the excitement. I didn’t know where to begin, what ‘tools’ I needed for the journey, whether I was physically and mentally fit enough to get there. In fact, I wasn’t even sure about my destination.

After several months of trying to figure everything out myself, I gave up. I was still grieving the ‘loss’ of my corporate persona and found myself mourning my seeming inability to move on to phase II. I was discouraged, isolated, and resigned.

And then I heard Dr. Andrea speak about the aging brain and the 4 pillars. The subject matter was fascinating, and opened the door to a path that made my goals seem achievable.

So, excited yet cautiously optimistic, I signed up for the Brain Vitality Blueprint. From Day 1, I knew that I had made the right choice. Dr. Andrea uses skills and empathy to learn about and understand her clients, and to work with them to develop the right program for them. She helped me learn to understand myself and supported me while I developed short- and long-term goals, defined what I wanted the ‘higher’ me to be like in the future. She showed me that I had the skills and drive to succeed and assured me that every successful journey is comprised of both forward and backward steps. 

Her Blueprint materials are insightful and easy to comprehend. They spoke directly to my needs. She is incredibly supportive and made me feel that I was her only client and that the Brain Vitality Blueprint was developed just for me. She had a genuine wish to see me succeed.

Now that I have completed the Brain Vitality Blueprint, I am energised and empowered and know exactly what Phase II will hold for me. I no longer look backwards with sadness and resignation; I look forward with excitement and optimism. 

Dr. Andrea and the Brain Vitality Blueprint program are perfect for anyone who wishes to make changes in his / her life, to see empowerment and potential in the future and to live later life enriched and joyful.”

What's included

The Brain Vitality Blueprint is a 90-day, 1-on-1 coaching program that teaches you how to craft your lifestyle and mindset to help you become a more vibrant + energized version of yourself and rediscover your internal light.

You will receive:

**Access to 12-module digital course curriculum and educational videos (drip delivery). 

**Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls with Dr. Andrea.

**Unlimited messaging support with Dr. Andrea

**Unconditional love and acceptance.

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